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Each person is born with a gift, but this gift can also turn into a curse if you’re not sure how to use it.

Believe it or not, we are all born with a ‘gift’.

This gift includes a talent, a speciality, a skill etc.

Each generation is synonymous with a ‘particular gift’. The era of the Industrial revolution we saw entrepreneurs, inventors and visionaries rise to the forefront.

In the era of the millennial however our gift has been communication. 80% of the time we’re quite vocal and public about our thoughts and sentiments. Social media platforms exist solely because of the power of the millennial.

Sometimes the way millennials handle situations is enough to drive some people over the walls and make them want to pull out their hair.

Sorry, not sorry but there are certain #ThingsIWillNotStopDoing.

This hashtag lit up Twitter and thanks to that, insights into the quirky millennial being are explained.

7 things to get used to. Better late than never.

1. The struggle is real.

Yep, data must fall before mothers start understanding smart phones. 😳

2. I don’t care how old you think I am.

When I come home, I am 6 years old again.

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3. Don’t tell me to get off my phone. He/ she is nicer than you.

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4. Sleeping is the most important part of the day.

TIP: If you need to wake up a millennial, note that you do so at your own risk.

No millennial will be held responsible for the aftermath.

5. We work ‘best’ under pressure.

“So glad I left this for last minute,” said Nobody ever.

6. Small things amuse small… is that a brownie?

🐠🐠🐠 Goldfish complex Forever.

7. Identifying different types of toothpaste is worse than identifying different types of cats. 🐱

Don’t lie, you know you can relate to at least one of these things. We know there is something you do from this list and you aren’t planning to stop doing it any time soon.

It is what makes us… well… who we are.


– Richelle Neethling