Interest in skincare grew massively last year with more people showing interest in what others were using to achieve ‘perfect’ skin.

The rise of the video-sharing app TikTok added fuel to this growing skincare-routine focused community with the hashtag skincare being viewed more than 34 billion times on the app.

People are constantly wanting to try new products on their skin whether it is because they want a natural glow, minimizing their pores or getting rid of dark marks and acne, the search is always on.

If you are one of those people then you might have heard about skin icing or ice facials.

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The origin of the trend is unclear but ice has long been a secret to clear and healthy-looking skin. Spas have been incorporating ice into their facial treatments for years. It has also been suggested that we keep some skin care products in the fridge as that is said to help with reducing puffiness in the morning and evening.

Model Irina Shayk recently shared her skincare routine with Vogue magazine and in a video, she gushed over an ice sphere she uses by Nicole Caroline, as she used it all over her face.


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Others use cold crystal rollers to massage their skin in the morning.

But those tools might not be available to you so do not worry there are other methods of skin icing. The most common and easiest is to grab a few ice cubes from the freezer, wrap them in a cloth and as the ice melts, massage the wet cloth all over the face and neck in small circular upward motions.

An even simpler method is to fill a bowl with cold water (add some ice if you’re using tap water) and submerge your face in the bowl for ten to thirty seconds. Repeat this action a few times, taking breaks to breathe in between.

It is recommended that both icing treatments are done for no longer than 15 minutes.


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But before you grab a handful of ice cubes out of your fridge, there are a few things to consider regarding skin icing.

It will reduce inflammation

Just like you would put ice over your knee if it was injured and inflamed the same goes for inflammation on your face. Inflammation is usually visible in the morning right after waking up, a skin icing treatment would sort that out.

It will promote blood circulation

Just like a face massage or using a cold crystal roller on your skin, skin icing will promote blood circulation. This aids with decreasing puffiness and giving the skin a healthy appearance.


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It will tighten your skin

The pulling effect created by ice on the skin will help prepare it for products after the facial. The ice will also create a firming effect which will ease the appearance of wrinkles.

Avoid the sun

Before doing the treatment avoid exposure to the sun as this might cause skin irritation throughout the treatment.

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Do not overdo it

As with anything on the skin you have to be careful not to do too much. Excessive exposure to ice might end up causing even more inflammation than what you are attempting to get rid of. Pay attention to how your skin reacts to the ice and do not forget to moisturise your skin afterwards.

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