With winter fully behind us, it is time to declutter and refresh one of the most used areas in the home, the bathroom.

Bathrooms are usually the one place that ends up with items that nobody uses anymore, from products you swore you needed, expired medicine, hair ties, and maybe even a foot spa you bought 10 years ago, it is all in there.

Spring is a good time to clean out any unnecessary clutter in your bathroom so as to restore some good positive vibes in your bathroom.

Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

Here is how you can do it:

Get rid of expired products

The easiest way to part with products in your cluttered bathroom is to check the expiry date. You will be shocked to learn how many items are out of date. Start by categorising into out-of-date (and in the bin), nearing expiry, or ‘good for a while’ products. Keep the ‘nearing expiry’ products close at hand to make sure you use them up in time.

Seasonal updates

With the cold months out of the way, your obsession with foam bath, thick body creme and decongestant gel might be over. Get a transparent container and store these products neatly together, out of the way of everyday items.

At this time of year your fragrance needs a change too – shift your deodorant to an anti-perspirant roll-on ahead of the summer months, and opt for a floral scent to match the sunnier days and happier mood.

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Effective storage

Many retailers are offering fun, space-maximising and innovative storage solutions at the moment. From transparent, stackable boxes to beautiful rattan baskets, you are able to find options to suit your taste and budget.

The DIY community has also grown on social media so there are plenty accounts that you can use for tips with making your own storage solutions.

Clean counters

Bathroom counters so quickly become a dumping ground for grooming necessities, decor items and clutter. With all countertop space taken, cleaning becomes difficult and soap scum, dust and grime is left to build.

Take the time to completely clear your bathroom counters and make space for necessary items in the cabinet and cupboards below. Clear surfaces are easier on the eye and promote a more peaceful environment.

The 6 month test

Another easy method for clearing in your bathroom is adopting the ‘6 month test’. For every item you pull out, ask yourself, “Have I used this item or product in the past 6 months?’ If the answer is no, then it’s time for it to go.

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Six months allows for seasonal influences on product usage and ensures you have no ‘non-essential’ items taking up space in your bathroom.