Waxing is one of the most trusted hair removal methods as it gets the hair out from the root, leaving you with silky soft skin for a couple of weeks.

At-home waxing can be good for your budget but things can easily go wrong if you do not have experience using wax.

A young woman from South Wales learned this the hard way as she accidentally removed her mole while waxing her face at home.

Samantha Domaille shared her dilemma in a TikTok video that has gone viral after she realised she had waxed off her beauty spot on her chin.

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

‘I can’t laugh because it’s pulling the hairs but I’m actually terrified,’ she said laughing.

Holding up a tiny wax strip, she explained: ‘Look, that used to be a mole and now it’s just sitting in this piece of wax. That’s my mole, it’s gone, what the hell.

‘I’ve just waxed off a whole mole. Look at it, it’s sitting in the wax. I just want to know how does this happen? And why do these things happen to me?’

Viewers were curious to know why she had put wax on her mole and she explained in the comments section that she was self conscious about it because it was growing hair that she could not get with her tweezers.

Another user suggested that she had mistaken a pimple for a mole which she responded to saying, “It’s definitely a mole. I’ve had it my whole life and have had it checked at a skin clinic before.”

Someone who had also removed their own mole at home told Domaille not to worry.

“I sliced mine off the back of my leg shaving… It bled for ages and I thought I was going to die but it eventually grew back through. (sic)”

Her video has been viewed more than 250,000 times with many urging her to seek medical assistance just to be safe. Others suggested that she put Vaseline over moles the next time she waxes at home.

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At-home mole removals are not recommended as things can go south quickly.

According to the Daily Mail, skin cancer centres have explained the serious risks associated with trying to perform mole removals at home, without a doctor.

‘Mainly, you have no idea whether you are removing a completely benign (safe) lesion or a malignant (cancerous) one,’ the clinic said.

Removing a mole at home can also lead to infections or leave a bad scar.