Baby skincare brands are on the rise, with the likes of Kylie Jenner releasing a skincare range for children.

Every mother wants nothing but the best for their baby’s skin. Since baby requirements keep changing as and when they grow, it seems quite difficult to choose the right products for their growing needs.

Senior Pediatrician Arun Wadhwa, revealed the importance of choosing baby skincare products that are PAMAS ((Paraben, Animal and Mineral Oils, Alcohol and Soap) free, on behalf of Cetaphil Baby India.

Photo by Valeria Zoncoll on Unsplash

Here is why PAMAS products are not good for baby’s skin:

  • Paraben is a chemical compound used in certain products to kill bacteria and prevent the product from decaying. Parabens are believed to disrupt your body’s immune system and are especially harmful to your little one’s skin. Parabens and preservatives potentially harm your baby and should be kept away from your newborn completely.
  • Animal Oil does not absorb well and is low in linoleic (fatty) acid, which is extremely harmful to the newborn’s sensitive skin. This is one of the major components that cause allergies and rashes over a baby’s skin due to high levels of fats.
  • Mineral Oil may lead to toughening of skin that may further lead to dryness. This mineral oil tends to clog your baby’s skin pores that, in turn, damage the natural protective layer of the skin causing long-term harm.
  • Alcohol is commonly used in adult skincare products to make them dry quickly and feel light on your skin. But alcohol can be very drying and may irritate your baby’s skin. A baby’s skin is extremely gentle can turn sensitive to the harmful components of alcohol causing long term damage.
Kylie Baby. Picture: Instagram
  • Soap products are made without a mixture of fats and alkaline additives, hence are not formulated to moisturise the baby skin. The pH level is much high in soaps that are harsh and wash off the natural oils from the baby’s skin. Syndet bars are definitely more recommended than soap bars.

There are concerns that parabens could be absorbed more by infants than adults, making them more vulnerable to any potential harmful effects. Which is why using products that are PAMAS free is a key to better nourishment for your baby’s skin.