If there is one negative side to the growing skincare and beauty community, it’s their weird obsession with make-up wipes.

Sure, for years now make-up wipes have been the most convenient tool to use when removing makeup, sunscreen or dirt on the skin before cleansing, but at what cost do we get this convenience?

The trusted paper towel-like wipes, which usually double as hand or surface wipes, are only good for single-use.

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Once they have been used they go straight into the bin and anyone that cares about the environment will tell you that one of the biggest contributors to the global waste issue is single-use products.

According to reports it takes around 100 years for a single makeup wipe to decompose. Now imagine how many other people in the world use makeup wipes daily? And then think how long it will take for each one to decompose.

Makeup wipes are also full of harsh and harmful chemicals that disrupt the pH balance of your skin which can lead to more bad than good. Not only that, the forceful rubbing and tugging is not good for your skin in the long term.

If wipes are currently your only option to remove dirt or makeup on your face and are not sure what else you can use to clean your skin, we have some solutions.

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These alternatives are all reusable and won’t only save you a few bucks but will also help reduce the number of wipes that end up in the world’s waste.

Makeup removing towels

Make-up removing towels or cloths are a great way to stop using wipes because they are made of soft microfibres making them perfect for sensitive skin. Most towels on the market are able to remove makeup, dirt, impurities and oils on the skin just by dampening the towel with water.


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Personally, I would suggest using some micellar water with the cloth before wiping your face as it will make the job quick and easy. Once you are done, you can throw the towel into your laundry or hand-wash it with soap.

Muslin cloths

Organic muslin cloths are a good swap if you prefer wipes that you can also use as an exfoliator.

They can gently exfoliate your skin without having to use physical exfoliants. All you need is a cleanser of your choice and you’re good to go.

Muslin cloths. Picture: Instagram

Just like the makeup removing cloths, once you are you are done using them then you can just throw them in your laundry or hand-wash them.

Makeup removing mitt

The little mitts are very similar to makeup removing pads but you use your fingers to wipe as most of them have a little opening in the back that allows you to slip your fingers inside.

They are very small so they will not take up too much space in your makeup bag. These work perfectly to remove your makeup when you add micellar water or your favourite cleanser.


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Most of them offer a gentle exfoliation because of their texture.

Oil cleansers

Cleansing oils are great for those who prefer to use their hands to remove their makeup. These type of cleansers contain an oil base, along with surfactants, which help melt away all traces of makeup on your skin without disrupting the skin barrier.


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For the best results massage the cleanser onto dry skin and rinse off with lukewarm water or wipe away with a towel before following up with your cleanser to wash your face.