Large, captivating eyes add to the beauty of a face, but what about those who aren’t so blessed?

Fortunately, the power of makeup allows us to subtly alter our appearance by enhancing our natural features. Follow these simple make-up hacks to redefine small eyes and really make them pop.

1. Apply liquid eyeliner on the top lid. Use a well-defined eyeliner brush to ensure the eyeliner is thin and crisp.

2. Keep your eyebrows well-groomed and in an upright shape to make sure your eyes stand out and look larger.

3. Pale eye shadow can greatly enhance the size and shape of your eyes. Any colour is suitable, as long as the pigment is light.

4. Use light colours to brighten the eyes. This will make you (and your eyes) appear awake and alert.

Eye make up tips

5.  Apply some brightly-coloured shadow along the outer corners of your eyes. This will amplify the colour of your eyes and really make them stand out.

6. Another great tip for small eyes is to smudge your liner to create a smouldering effect. This can be done on the upper and lower lids.

7. Use a highlighter in pearl white to add a soft sheen on the arch of your eye brows and the inner corner of the eyes (tear drop area) using a small brush. This brightens up the eyes and makes them appear bigger.

8. A set of long, voluminous lashes enhances your eyes to a great extent. Curl your lashes using an eyelash curler, which will open up the eyes and make them appear bigger.

9. Add lots of mascara – a thin top coat for volume and several coats from the bottom to add length, which will create the illusion of larger eyes.

10. Using liquid highlighter along your cheekbones is a great way to highlight your eyes and your cheekbones


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AUTHOR: Ians | PHOTO CREDIT: Unsplash 

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