Rainy weather has a way of making women want to stay indoors in attempts to keep their hair from getting wet.

First sign of rain and you’re bound to hear a woman scream, “OH NO! My hair!”

It is understandable because you spend a lot of your time getting your hair just right before heading out, but as Murphy’s Law will have it, the minute you walk out the door the heavens open and all your hard work’s washed away… literally. 

You’re not always going to be able to avoid getting caught in the rain but there are a few ways to get around looking like a puffy poodle.

Naturally curly…

For those with naturally curly hair, you might think you are off the hook but you’re actually not. Just because your hair IS curly it doesn’t mean that it won’t go frizzy. Leave in products keep curls tight and smooth. So as soon as water hits your hair, the product washes out and the frizz returns.

Protective hairstyles are best for naturally curly hair…

One of the best remedies for naturally curly hair is protective styling – which includes braids and cornrows. Not only does it save you time but these styles protect your ends and stimulate hair growth during the cold months.

Protective styles keep naturally curly hair protected and promotes hair growth. 
Source: Pexels

Be gentle with your hair…

Try not to be too rough with your hair after washing it. You want your hair cuticles as smooth as possible. Avoid towel drying your hair too roughly. This will only encourage frizz before you’ve even started styling.

Heat protective products are a must…

In the same way that you would seal a crack to prevent moisture from penetrating, you can use a smoothing serum or oil to create a barrier between strands of hair and moisture. Heat protecting products, like blow-drying sprays, work just as well to create a protective barrier.

Get moisturizing hair products

Embrace your wet hair…

Sometimes all you can do is to simply embrace your “new” post-rain hair. Try not to touch your hair too much. The more you touch it, the frizzier it will get. So simply leave it to dry and if your hair is long enough, smooth on a bit of hair balm for a modern messy bun.

For those with fine blow away hair, start experimenting with updos. There’s nothing worse than trying to add volume to your hair only for it to be flattened by the rain. The slicked back high ponytail will always be a winner.

For those with fine blow away hair, start experimenting with updos.

Rain clouds? Reach for a scarf…

You’d be amazed how creative you can be with just one scarf to create different styles of headwraps. Check out all the creative ways to wrap a scarf on YouTube.

Headwraps are not only GREAT for bad hair days but adds a bit of drama to any outfit. If a headwrap isn’t your thing, wear a winter hat, beanie or beret – a hot winter favourite – so get your icy hands on one.

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