The holiday season is always a good time to share gifts with those around you.

And because of how rough this year has been it will be good to not only spend some time with those you love (if possible) and share some gifts.

Young people are always ready to accept free things (we’re not judging) so some of them took to the video-sharing site TikTok to share their gift guides.


The TYI team curated some of the top gifts mentioned under the hashtag Christmas list on TikTok. The millennial or Gen Z in your life will be obsessed with you for getting them any of these.

1. iPad and Apple pencil

It would not be a holiday gift guide without Apple products so of course one of the popular items on peoples list was an iPad. Students are obsessed with note-taking on their iPads, there are even tutorials for perfect notetaking available on YouTube. iPads are also great for creatives and artists that want to create digital art, hence the Apple pencil.

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2. Perfume/cologne

Smelling good is always in fashion so it is no surprise that young people included perfume on their Christmas lists. Just make sure you know the type of scents the individual you are gifting likes before splurging.


3. AirPod pros

The regular AirPods would do but because of the noise cancellation feature in the pro’s, it is no surprise that these wireless earphones are at the top of peoples gift guides.

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4. Vintage crewnecks

If you spend any time on the street fashion side of TikTok or Pinterest then you will not be surprised that vintage crewnecks have become a staple in young peoples wardrobe. They are not that easy to find though, especially in South Africa but a thorough search at some thrift shops in your area should yield some positive results. Or else look up some online vintage stores like Vintage and the City.

5. Trendy sunglasses

Everyone needs a pair or two of sunglasses to complete their look, Ray-Bans are still an all-time favourite but there are plenty of reasonably priced brands in South Africa.

6. Skincare products or makeup

We don’t even need to explain why this would be on peoples gift guides, skincare routines rose in popularity this year and makeup is always a necessasity. To avoid getting the wrong products, opt for gift cards. Fenty skin and Fenty beauty offer e-gifts (hint).

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7. Jewellery

Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend and they’re also a man’s best friend too. Layering necklaces and wearing a ring on each finger has been very trendy this year.

8. Candles

Scented candles have become a staple in peoples homes, especially since we collectively spent a lot of time indoors this year thanks to the pandemic. A good candle will help you set the tone in your home.

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9. Shoes

I can not be the only person that has struggled to secure a pair of white Air Force 1’s this year, they are always out of stock. And that is because sneakers have become more than just comfortable shoes, they are a fashion statement. So get the millennial or gen z in your life a pair of sneakers (good luck finding Air Force 1’s).

10. Money

Lots of it!


FYI: We left out the PlayStation 5 because it is obvious that EVERYONE wants one.