Black Friday is around the corner but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, shopping might be a little different this year.

Shops like Game, Makro and Pick n Pay have already announced that they will be extending black Friday to last longer than just one day this year. Game and Makro will be treating the majority of November as Black Friday, announcing deals frequently. Pick n Pay on the other hand will reveal their black Friday deals starting from the 13th of November, giving consumers more time to enjoy the deals instead of all of them flocking to the shops on Black Friday.


Previously, shoppers would go camp outside their favourite outlet early on the last Friday of November, wanting to be the first to catch the deals when the doors open. Shoppers might want to opt for a safer method of shopping though this year with fears of catching Covid-19 still imminent.

If you are one of those people and you will be shopping online this year here is how you can gear up for Black Friday:

Sign up for newsletters

Signing up for newsletters will give you access to deals earlier than others.  It will get sent to your email and then you can hop online and add all the items you want into your cart without even having to leave your house.


Do not get scammed

As good as it is to stay indoors and avoid wearing a mask for hours in a mall you will need to be careful of the websites you shop on. Ensure that you use websites that are credible and not just out to scam you. Some ways to verify a website would be to check for their online presence, what are people saying about the company on social media and even read some reviews on google and on the website.

Use social media

A lot of brands have caught on to the benefits of using social media to communicate with their customers, be sure to follow your favourite outlets on social media because they might post deals there or even do giveaways.


Know your budget

Online shopping is easy and convenient which will make it easy to ignore your budget and overindulge. Be sure to stick to your budget, set limits and stand by them.  Also, be sure to compare prices on different websites if the item you are looking for is available on numerous websites.

Create a wishlist

To avoid any last-minute searches for your favourite items you should create a digital wishlist. Most websites have the option to add items on your wishlist so you can utilize this by adding the things you want to buy and wait to see if they go on special on Black Friday.