Adopting a pet might be the most rewarding thing to do.

Whether it is your first time or you are adding to your existing pet family, there are some preparations you would have to make before your new pet arrives.

The last thing you would want is for your pet to be unsafe or uncomfortable.

Here are some tips to help you prepare your home for a new pet: 


Get all your supplies 

Depending on the pet you are adopting you will need to get the necessary supplies before they arrive. Whether its food, accessories like a leash, a bed, a bag, water bowls etc. Ensure that you know exactly what your new family member will need so as to not scramble or be overwhelmed once they arrive.

Ensure that the pet is healthy 

Depending on where you are adopting your new friend from you might need to take them to the vet for a full check up. This will also help protect any other pets you might already have and other family members in the house.

Picture: Pexels

Pet-Proof your home 

Just like parents childproof their houses before their child arrives, you will also need to pet-proof your home. Make sure that any potentially harmful ornaments, food, toys that can be swallowed, and cleaning products are kept out of reach from your pet.

Prepare a special space 

Before your pet arrives you need to decide if they will be allowed to roam around the house or be restricted to a specific area. You also need to prepare things like a rest/sleeping area, or a play area. Be sure to get a kennel if you are getting a dog.

Make sure your home is secure

Ensure that your pet is going to be safe in its new home. If you are getting a dog or cat it will be important to ensure that they can’t just leave the house or your property by themselves.


Prepare for some sad days 

If you are getting a dog, cat or a rabbit, you might need to prepare for an adjustment period. The pet might have to get accustomed to being in a new home. According to PetCoach if you get a kitten or puppy they might cry as a newborn baby would. It is suggetsed that you ensure your pet is comfortable but do not let them in your bed. Be patient and allow yourself to adjust as much as you expect the pet to adjust as well.

Prepare to do some training 

This is another that will come more in handy if you are adopting a dog, you will need to establish some house rules. Will the dog be allowed on the couch or on the bed? Will they be allowed in the kitchen? If not it will be up to you to create those boundaries and continuously enforce them.

Photo by from Pexels

Get toys 

Get as many toys for your pet as possible especially if you are getting a dog. They like being active so make sure they have the correct toys to play with. Cats love balls of yarn so get those if you are getting one and just have fun. Getting a pet will change your life so just embrace it.