Maya Jama is officially a millionaire.

The 26-year-old television presenter has become a millionaire for the first time, after her company, MIJ & Co, registered a whopping £1.3 million (R27 m) bank balance.

Maya’s money has been made primarily through TV and radio appearances, but after leaving UK radio station BBC Radio 1 in May this year, she has continued to dominate on television, including as a host alongside Peter Crouch on BBC’s ‘Save Our Summer’.

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The beauty’s bank balance is likely to keep rising too, as she’s set to launch her own skincare range this year, and has further TV deals in the pipeline.

A source told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “Maya has been grafting for years, honing her craft, but this year she’s really come into her own.

“After leaving Radio 1 in May she said she had exciting projects and she wasn’t wrong. Landing a presenting gig alongside Peter Crouch on his BBC primetime TV show ‘Save Our Summer’ was massive, and it’s just the start.”

Although the star is raking in the cash, she recently said she suffers from imposter syndrome, and didn’t think she was “worthy” of presenting ‘Save Our Summer’.

When asked if she battles with the syndrome – which is categorised as feelings of inadequacy despite success – she said: “Definitely. I’ve never hosted a BBC One primetime show before and in my mind, that’s a thing of dreams.

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“I used to think, ‘One day I’ll be doing that.’ Then you enter the room and you’re like, ‘Oh God, there are absolute legends who have filled this time slot. Am I actually worthy of this? Am I good enough?’

“But you just have to go for it and not let those doubts take over.”

Meanwhile, Maya recently revealed she’s interested in pursuing an acting career, after she made her debut in Netflix’s ‘The Duchess’.

The star said she has been taking acting classes to prove she is serious about the craft, and to help her break away from her natural instincts as a presenter.

She said: “Before the audition for ‘The Duchess’ – and I’ve been doing some other auditions – I did have some acting classes.

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“I’m very aware that acting is a very serious job and people train for years, so I haven’t been taking it lightly.

“As a TV presenter you spend so long working on being yourself on camera, so being someone completely different is a challenge.”