After a few days of its release, Netflix’s latest true-crime documentary has been called hard to watch by fans.

The doc, titled American Murder: The Family Next Door, has riled viewers since its addition to the streaming service last week.

It tells the story of Chris Watts, the man who murdered his pregnant wife and their two daughters, aged three and four in 2018.

 “This documentary examines the disappearance of Shan’ann Watts and her children, and the terrible events that followed,” reads Netflix’s synopsis of the show. 

American Murder has been praised for “using raw, firsthand footage” including bodycam footage of police’s visits to the family home in the wake of Shan’ann’s disappearance.

However, this footage has led to many viewers feeling disturbed, with one going so far as to say the film left them “broken”.

“God almighty, that was so disturbing,” one Netflix subscriber wrote, with another adding: “American Murder is the hardest thing I’ve ever watched. Feel physically sick.”

Others had the following to say: