While Americans celebrated their beloved Thanksgiving holiday, Rihanna sent a message of compassion to Native Americans.

The 32-year-old Barbados beauty took to her Instagram story on Thursday afternoon, with a heartfelt message.

While the Thanksgiving holiday is beloved and revered by Americans, it’s often a brutal reminder for Native Americans about the death of their ancestors, which Rihanna was acknowledging.

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‘Some are celebrating today…many are in mourning! Sending love to all my Native American brothers and sisters,’ Rihanna wrote on her Instagram story.

The singer and Fenty Beauty owner wasn’t the only one recognizing the controversial nature of the beloved holiday.

Demi Lovato took to her Instagram on Thursday as well, sharing a number of informative images about ‘decolonizing Thanksgiving.’

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‘This is my thanksgiving post. And while I’m extremely grateful for all of you, this is also extremely important,’ she said.

The actress and singer added that the images were reposted from @showingupforracialjustice.

The images debunked several myths about Thanksgiving, like the first Thanksgiving feast took place in 1621, when in fact no one truly knows when the first feast occurred.

Another myth debunked was that the colonists invited the natives to the first Thanksgiving, though oral reports from the Wampanoag tribe reveals no invitation was given to the natives.

The post also debunked the myth that the natives and the colonists became great friends, which was not the case.

It also included information on how to recognize and honour Native American culture as well.