Samsung has launched the new SmartThings Find app.

The finder tool has the ability to locate a device without a cell or Wi-Fi signal and is separate to the standard Find My Mobile app.

With SmartThings Find, it’s also possible to find other devices such as a Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Buds.

It works by using Bluetooth Low Energy and ultra-wideband tech.

Photo by Velroy Fernandes from Pexels

Once a device has been offline for 30 minutes, it can send a signal to other Bluetooth devices without being paired.

Upon locating the device, AR and Search Nearby is used with sound to guide the user to it.

Similarly to the game Hot and Cold, where someone says “hot” if you are nearby a hidden object or “cold” if it’s far away, the app shows more vibrant colours when you get close.

The feature is limited to Samsung’s Galaxy devices.