A teenage baker has revealed his secret to making perfectly crispy French fries at home.

Morgan Hipworth, the founder of the Melbourne business Bistro Morgan Bakehouse, shared a now-viral TikTok video exactly how he made the homemade chips crunchy and golden on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

The 19-year-old used four ingredients – red-skinned potatoes, olive oil salt, and herbs.

fried fries on white paper

Photo by Magnus Jonasson on Unsplash

‘Let’s make fries that are tastier and healthier than McDonald’s,’ Morgan claimed.

Here is how you can make Morgan Hipworth’s perfect French fries:


Red skinned potatoes

Olive oil


Herbs (optional)


Preheat oven to 200C.

Peel and cut potatoes into fries. Place fries into a pot of cold, salted water.

Bring the pot to boil, then boil for a further two minutes. Drain the potatoes and transfer them to a baking tray. Season with salt and your favourite herbs.

Bake for 25 minutes at 200C or until crispy and golden all over.

Remove the tray from the oven and serve.