Adventurous recipes are constantly going viral on the video-sharing app TikTok.

We all remember the time everyone was making whipped dalgona coffee and recently when people were trying out the easy-to-make baked feta pasta, which took the app by storm.

The latest recipe going viral on the app is ‘Nature’s Cereal’ and it’s even simpler to make than the famous pasta.

Introduced by @natures_food on TikTok, the recipe is simple, all you need is a handful of pomegranate seeds, blackberries, blueberries (some people have also added strawberries), and coconut water.

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You add all of that into a bowl and enjoy like you would your usual bowl of cereal.

So it is basically swapping out your corn flakes for fruit and your milk for coconut water.

In a video, @natures_food is seen raving on about how the ‘cereal’ is refreshing and energy-boosting while also improving your digestive which is probably why the recipe quickly went viral.

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Musician Lizzo, who recently tried the recipe added some ice to keep the dish cold and to possibly add some crunch.

But we are guessing its something you have to try to believe because all the hype seems a bit weird for just a bowl of fruit with coconut water, an unblended smoothie if you will.

Yet people seem very impressed with the recipe. Lizzo even said people should not knock it until they try it.

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Like with any other viral recipe though, people have added their own twist to the dish, with some adding more fruits and others adding coconut milk and even what looks like tequila instead of coconut water.

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In this version, the user made her cereal in a watermelon rather than a bowl.

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Jeremy on the other hand replaced the coconut water with some tequila which many found amusing.

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The hashtag natures cereal has received over 90 million views on TikTok which means this breakfast meal is here to stay.

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