Selena Gomez has reminded her followers their “voice matters” amid the US presidential election.

The US will decide on Tuesday (03.11.20) whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden is set to be the country’s President for the next four years, and in a message posted on social media, Selena urged her followers to head out and vote, because their voice can make all the difference.

She said in her Instagram Story: “I know that many of you have voted, and I’m so proud and I am so happy that you did, but there is plenty of people that haven’t and I don’t think they plan to. So please don’t use mail-in ballot. Please vote in person at this point if you can, especially in my hometown like Texas and Pennsylvania and Florida. Your voice matters.

“So many people think that it doesn’t matter, but other elections have been this close before so you have to understand that your voice does matter and it’s so important.”

The ‘Wolves’ hitmaker has been vocal about the importance of voting in recent months, after she admitted she didn’t get the chance to vote in the previous election because she was dealing with “a lot of mental health issues”.

She shared: “I can be brutally honest. I was dealing with a lot of mental health issues and I didn’t get the opportunity to vote. That was really difficult for me, but that actually put a fire under me to be more active than I’ve ever been, and to never miss a beat and to make sure I take time to do that. So as hard as that is to admit, it’s something that I’ve learned a huge lesson with.”

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I had the opportunity to speak with Senator @kamalaharris and we discussed several issues that matter. Here is a clip of us discussing the importance of voting and supporting people with mental health issues. There is too much on the line this election for anyone to sit on the sidelines. We all must use our voices and vote. Vote EARLY, vote safely and try to vote in person or drop your ballot in a dropbox (that’s what I did and it couldn’t have been any easier). If you aren’t voting in person, please make sure you follow the instructions that come with your ballot carefully and do not forget to sign your ballot (it’s usually smart to use a blue or black ballpoint ink pen)! For more info to learn how and where to vote in your state go to

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Selena, 28, voted early on October 22, and shared pictures of herself wearing an “I voted” badge to commemorate the occasion.

She posted on Instagram at the time: “Just finished filling out my ballot!”