PlayStation fans can finally get a sneak peek into how the new console will be like to use thanks to a new video released by Sony.

The video shows the user interface that will greet players when they sign into the PlayStation 5, and how they will get to games and navigate around.

Some important parts of the menus are left off, including the PlayStation Store that players will use to buy games. For the first time, that will represent the only way that some consoles can actually get new titles, since Sony is releasing its first digital-only version of the console, without a disc.

But otherwise, the video represents a deep-dive into the menus that have remained entirely secret until now.

Sony has held more back about its next-generation console than Microsoft, which has revealed in-depth information about its Xbox Series X and Series X, including the menus that will be used to navigate them.

But over time Sony has revealed more about the upcoming PlayStation 5. It recently posted a new teardown video that showed the inside of the console for the first time.

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PS5 user experience revealed: Visit PlayStation.Blog for the full video detailing Activities, Game Help, and more.

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And now the new video – titled “First Look at the PlayStation 5 User Experience” – finally gives a look at the software that will power that console.

Sony had previously only referenced the design, showing indications during its hardware reveal event but never actually giving a look at the menu.

Sony PS5. Image: Instagram

While it borrows some parts from the design of the PS4 – including a flowing design and menus based around rectangular boxes for each game – it also introduces an entirely new design, including a black and gold colour scheme.

The PS5 arrives on 12 November in limited countries including the US, before being released more widely on 19 November in geographies including the UK.