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Ramadan is a month of renewal, redemption and purity.

As Muslims try to elevate their spiritual experience by immersing themselves in Islamic practice; they also encounter a few ‘personal’ challenges. Let us celebrate the essence of Ramadan and the quirks that make us human.


1. During Ramadan, observant Muslims abstain from eating, drinking and smoking from dawn to dusk.

2. Fasting is an exercise in self-restraint and is one of Islam’s five pillars, alongside: declaration of faith; prayer five times a day; alms-giving; and the pilgrimage to holy sites in Saudi Arabia.

3. The month is also marked by a special nightly prayer called β€œtaraweeh.”

4. Ramadan is particularly significant to Muslims because it was the month when the first verses of Koran were revealed to the prophet Mohammed in the 7th century AD.

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Here is a compilation of Ramadan humour to keep you going:

Sham Idrees is honestly hilarious. He deserves a mention.


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