Naledi (23)
I was giving head in my new boyfriend’s bedroom and he farted. About five seconds later I queefed, I guess it is correct to say we didn’t say anything to each other until end of Matric.

Samantha (20)
My boyfriend and I tried to have sex a few nights before. We were in my bedroom (my parents were away) and we did what we usually do; everything but sex. He whips out his thing and we are both excited and then he jumps on top of me, now he couldn’t find a hole. He didn’t know the difference. We ended up going for night out in town and not having sex. I spent most of the night trying to hide how embarrassed I was on his behalf and mine. 
Zama (25)
Most embarrassing his mother walked in on us doing the act. She was on her way to church and somehow managed to walk straight into my boyfriend’s room. She walked out as quickly as she could. Her son was on top of me. I have never been to that house ever again.
Lee (26)
My boyfriend couldn’t get me to orgasm. I screamed and shouted so he thought I was really about to come, I guess at the end of my performance,I actually came. I had to pretend it was another orgasm, meanwhile it was the real one. 
Asanda (23)
It was supposed to be a quick thing in the garage. A kinky experience. And then it went horribly wrong. We were both highly turned on by being majorly exposed and then my mother who heard noises came out only to find out that it was me and my bf. She dragged me into the house and made me tell my father what I did.#mortificationlevels.
Babalwa (25)
My father came back from work and walked in on my boyfriend and I having sex. That wasn’t all, my bf was actually spanking me too. My father stood there for about five minutes watching us and then he suddenly coughed. He left and muttered aloud that my bf better be using protection. I didn’t want to face my dad. I preferred dying in that moment.