You could argue that many things set Manthe Ribane apart. On meeting her, it would be her humility, uniqueness and freshness.

It could also be the fluidity of her creative expression across various media.
< Whether she’s performing in Chris Saunders’ and Okzharp’s film Ghost Diamond or their music video Dear Ribane (she’s also on vocals), or dancing for Die Antwoord, or playing muse, stylist and model in conceptual fashion shoots, or masterminding artistic performances as one third of her sibling collective, DearRibane113, there’s no doubt, she shines. Central to what sets this 27-year-old apart is what lies closest to her heart: her family. Ribane’s parents gave her a strong-rooted artistic appreciation and she considers her family, and God, to be her key inspirations. Of all her career highlights, she cites seeing her brother’s work in action as her most memorable to date, and to tour with her siblings, her greatest ambition. “It’s always up to you,” she says. “But you can also decide who you want to be”. In that case, Ribane has decided to be unlike anyone else, and the manifestation of art’s gilded dreams. Find Manthe on Twitter: @ribane_manthe