Imagine a bag that is capable of charging mobile devices anywhere, anytime.

Shalton Mothwa, 28, did just that, thanks to the old laptop he had when he was at university that had to be constantly connected to power.

With a partner, he developed the idea for the AEON Power Bag, which is able to turn radio frequency signals into electrical energy that can then be used to charge mobile devices wirelessly.

The bag is currently in its final prototype stage – it will soon enter the testing and preproduction phases, and Mothwa expects it to explode onto the market towards the end of the year. He developed a fascination with understanding how things work as a child, hanging around in his grandfather’s electrical workshop.

Unsurprisingly, he holds a BSc in electronics and physics, and an honours in applied nuclear physics.

He won an SAB Foundation Social Innovation Award and the Just Pitch 180 and managed to secure R1 million funding for the power bag from the Technology Innovation Agency and SAB Foundation.

It’s all systems go for this entrepreneur who says that the key to success is never giving up in spite of challenges. “Africa has always been ahead of time in innovation #Inno8CIA @InnovHub,” says Innovator Shalton Mothwa.

Find Mothwa on Twitter: @FanaMothwa

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