American pop icon Cher has admitted she’s “never been a huge Cher fan”.

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The 72-year-old icon is one of the music industry’s best-known talents, but she has never particularly enjoyed listening to her own voice.

Asked to recall when she started to feel confident as a singer, she confessed, “I never feel confident. Off and on, I’ve felt good about my singing. But I’ve never been a huge Cher fan. I like doing it more than hearing it. So except for a couple of albums…”

The American star is set to release a new album later this month called ‘Dancing Queen’, which will feature versions of songs recorded by the Swedish pop group ABBA and is inspired by her appearance in the musical movie ‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’.

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However, ahead of its release, Cher admitted that most of her previous albums have been “no good”.

Asked to name her favourite Cher album, she told The New York Times newspaper;

“It’s probably between ‘Believe’ and a highly underrated album called ‘Closer to the Truth’. There’s not a bad cut on either one of them. I’ve made millions of albums, and most of them are absolutely no good. But some of them aren’t bad.”

By contrast, Cher finds acting to be a straightforward challenge.

The chart-topping star explained how working in a film studio was easier than performing on a stage.

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After it was suggested that acting is hard work, she said: “It didn’t feel that way to me. Also, I didn’t have to look at an audience. My whole life, I had to look out at the audience and go; ‘How am I doing? Do you like this?’

“But when you act, you only have to look at the other actors. You just have to trust them and find a way to become this other thing.”

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