Doja Cat is a “huge hermit”.

The 25-year-old rap star – who has shot to international fame over recent years – admits she doesn’t really enjoy going out very much.

Asked if people approach her when she’s out, Doja said: “People do, but it’s not that often. And also, I’m a huge hermit. I don’t want to leave my house.”

Doja Cat. Picture: Instagram

Doja enjoyed significant success with her second album, ‘Hot Pink’, which was released in 2019.

But because of the COVID-19 pandemic and her own reluctance to go out, she struggles to gauge the true impact of her success.

She told Interview magazine: “I haven’t been out in the world yet and seen people screaming and going crazy. I’ve had fans at shows that were going crazy, and one who chased me, but I still feel normal.

“Also, COVID didn’t let me understand what ‘Hot Pink’ did for my fans, because I had to cancel the tour. None of that was able to happen, so I still don’t really know.”

Doja wasn’t surrounded by people who truly believed in her talents in the early stages of her career.

Doja Cat. Picture: Instagram

But the chart-topping star – who released her debut album, ‘ Amala’, in 2018 – is now determined to enjoy herself in the music industry, in spite of the pitfalls she faces.

Asked what advice she would like to give to young artists, she replied: “You have to have people around you who love you, and sometimes it’s not always like that for me.

“I didn’t always have people around me who loved me, but I was still making music. But they didn’t believe in me.

Doja Cat. Picture: Instagram

“Just keep doing what you want to do and enjoy it.”