Doja Cat thinks female rappers are perceived to be “less than smart”.

The 25-year-old star believes rappers like herself are often unfairly judged on their appearance and by what they wear.

She told Power 106: “When you dress up like you are going on a night out in Miami and you have a little skirt on and a little bikini on, you show a lot of skin, you’re very sexy, you do this and you rap about f****** people and you’re doing all this stuff…

Doja Cat. Picture: Instagram

“People will put you in a category and for them to be comfortable, they’ll make it seem like you are not very smart, you are just a girl who is just a rapper.

“You don’t have a great sense of humour maybe, or you’re stuck up … like female rappers are vapid or less than smart, I feel that’s how they’re looked at.”

The ‘Juicy’ hitmaker initially began experimenting with music in her bedroom. But contrary to her outgoing personality these days, she was very shy and self-conscious at the time.

She previously shared: “I think I wanted to sing, but I just couldn’t because I was so shy.

Doja Cat. Picture: Instagram

“I didn’t really know how to begin that other than like, singing in my room, locking the door, and trying to sing kind of quietly. I knew my mom would want to listen and she would probably bug me about it.”

Doja started to post songs on SoundCloud at the age of 16. However, she initially failed to create any buzz and was reduced to tears by the experience.

She said: “I got like two likes but it was the craziest thing ever. I think I cried. It was insane.”

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