Khloe Kardashian found reliving the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ “uncomfortable” and “super emotional”.

During Sunday night’s (04.11.18) episode, the 34-year-old reality star was told by her sister Kylie Jenner about the claims that the NBA player allegedly kissed another woman days before she gave birth to their daughter True in April.

A series of phone conversations aired as the ‘Revenge Body’ star admitted she wanted to return home to Los Angeles from Cleveland, but told her older sibling Kim Kardashian West, 38, that she didn’t think it was possible as she was so far along with her pregnancy, whilst admitting she “can’t be calm, not right now”.

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The episode concluded before her family made it to Cleveland, as Khloe prepared to give birth to her little girl.

After watching it back, the Good American owner revealed the reason she had Tristan, 27, in the delivery room with her was because she wanted True to be surrounded by “love” and “positive energy”.

Reacting to watching the episode, she wrote on Twitter: “I wanted to have a beautiful birthing experience for myself and for the memories of what I choose to share with True when she’s older. I want her to have videos and pictures of her daddy there, holding her etc. I want her to know she is LOVE and my happiness! Babies feel energy! …

“I know this! I chose to put my feelings aside for the birth and to try and have as much positive energy that I could. “My only thought was about the birth of my daughter. I wasn’t going to let ANYONE disrupt anything less than what she deserved. Joyous love. I chose to be mature &

“strong for True. I waited for this day for so many years! (sic)”

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Khloe and Tristan are still together. Image: AP

Khloe admitted she was “in shock” when she found out the news about Tristan, and that her daughter gave her the “strength” to get through it.

She continued: “I know now, looking back that I was in shock because I couldn’t believe that this would ever happen to me but I’m still very proud of myself for how I handled everything. True gave me the peace and strength I needed (sic)”

Khloe also called for the E! series to be aired “closer to real time” as it was so difficult to re-watch what she went through more than half a year ago, but admitted it was important to show her “vulnerable” state.

She wrote: “I love filming for the show and I am proud that we are all strong and brave enough to be vulnerable BUT we have to start airing shows closer to real time. This episode is about 7 months old and it’s a lot to relive all over again But maybe I need to (sic)”

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And Khloe also reiterated that though she may have forgiven her boyfriend, she will never be able to forget the “crazy” time.

She concluded: “Oh my God my heart is racing! So crazy how emotions never die! You may forgive but forgetting is not possible #KUWTK (sic)”

Kim praised Khloe as the “really tough” episode was shown for being so “true and honest”, adding to her own Twitter profile: “Tonight is a really tough episode. I saw what Khloé wrote and I will let her really speak on it. We have always been open and honest so tonight was just as real as it gets. #KUWTK (sic)”

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