Leigh-Anne Pinnock defended her “character” at her 30th birthday party on Saturday (16.10.21).

The Little Mix singer grew tearful as she gave a passionate speech to her loved ones during the celebration, which took place days after she was blasted by Nicki Minaj for allegedly sending text messages criticising her former bandmate Jesy Nelson for ‘blackfishing’.

In a video obtained by the Mirror, Leigh-Anne – whose fiance Andre Gray stood by her side – told her guests: “I’m 30 years old. I know my character, you know my character, anyone that meets me knows my f****** character. That’s all I care about.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock. Picture: Instagram

“I’ve got the most beautiful fiancé who I’m still pretty much obsessed with. Best believe, everything I stand for, everything I’m fighting for, it’s for [our twins].

“I will never stop. I have found my voice now and I will continue to use it. Tonight we celebrate life, best friends and amazing family. I love you all.'”

Her friends and family then applauded her speech.

Andre then vowed to defend Leigh-Anne, who revealed in August she had given birth to twins.

He said: “You can put this on Instagram or whatever and if you’ve anything to say, come and find me. She’s my baby mother, my wife.

“If you’re going to try and disrespect my baby mother, my wife, my fiancée and my children, there’s gonna be a problem. That’s how it is.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock with Andre Gray. Picture: Instagram

“All I want to do is support you three. Everyone in here knows their names. When they grow up, I hope they’re just like you.”

The party took place days after Nicki branded Leigh-Anne a “jealous clown” in an Instagram Live with her ‘Boyz’ collaborator Jesy.

Defending Jesy, who has been accused of darkening her skin with fake tan and changing her hair in the ‘Boyz’ video, Nicki slammed Leigh-Anne for seemingly turning against her former friend, accusing the ‘Sweet Melody’ singer of being “jealous and insecure”.

She fumed: “When you try to bring someone down because you see them continuing to try and pursue their careers, you are a f****** clown.

“Immediately that person has to wear a big red clown nose and big clown boots because you’re a big f*****clown.”

“There are lots of women out here in the United States that tan, get bigger lips, get all types of s*** done to themselves.

“I wear blond hair, straight blonde hair down to my feet if I want to when I want to, contacts, whatever, I do whatever the f*** I want.

Jesy Nelson and Nicki Minaj. Picture: Instagram

“As long as you’re not hurting anybody or speaking negative about anybody’s race or culture, you should be able to enjoy your make-up, your body however you want to.”

Nicki accused Leigh-Anne of being “jealous” of Jesy’s success outside of the band.

She continued: “Sweetheart take them text messages and shove it up you’re f***** a**, because when you do clown s*** I gotta treat you and talk to you like you’re a clown.

“It screams insecurity, it screams that you’re jealous, only jealous people do things like this and now you just look like a big jealous bozo.”

Jesy stayed silent through most of the rapper’s rant, but thanked Nicki for defending her, before insisting she hadn’t tried to “offend” anyone with her new image.

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The 30-year-old singer insisted she wasn’t wearing fake tan in the ‘Boyz’ video as she’d just been on holiday and though she didn’t address the messages allegedly from Leigh-Anne criticising her image, she claimed her former bandmate had once asked if she was mixed race because of the way her skin reacts to the sun.

She said: “Leigh-Anne even said to me in the group ‘Are you sure you’re not mixed-race because you go darker than me in the sun?'”