Little Mix struggled to deal with Jesy Nelson’s exit from the band last year and have had therapy since to process what happened.

The 30-year-old pop star quit ‘The X Factor’ winning group in December 2020 citing mental health struggles and now her former bandmate Jade Thirlwall, 28, has admitted the shock departure was hard for her, Perrie Edwards and Leigh-Anne Pinnock to come to terms with.

In the end, the trio had group therapy and each saw individual therapists to express their feelings about Jesy’s decision.

Little Mix. Picture: Instagram

In an interview with Gay Times magazine, Jade said: “I think for anyone, when such a big change happens in your life, and you’ve been so used to a certain situation for so long, it’s really hard.

“Getting through that and moving forward. I think for us as well, we were still promoting the album at the time and doing TV shows.

“We were just cracking on as it were, and I think we were in a bit of shock for a long time because we just had to keep going.

“It wasn’t until we had some time off at Christmas that it suddenly dawned on us what had happened.

“It was hard. It would have been for anyone and we’ve got each other, we have group therapy, we have our own therapists, and you do what you can.

“We’re really stronger than ever. I would say that this year with the girls having their kids, it just puts everything into perspective of what’s important in life.”

Jesy went on to launch a solo career, releasing debut single ‘Boyz’, on which she collaborated with rapper Nicki Minaj, 38, whilst Jade, Leigh-Anne, 30, and Perrie, 27, decided to carry on as a trio.

Jade insists there were never any discussions between her and the other remaining two members about ending Little Mix.

She said: “I think no matter what happens, Little Mix will always be there. I think the past couple years, we have started to delve into doing our own little things. That’s been really beautiful to see.

“I think initially in the first few years, all of us were terrified at the thought of doing something for yourself. One, because you just get so used to having each other and two, you know what the press are like, the minute one person does something they say, ‘Oh, what’s happening?’

Little Mix. Picture: Instagram

“So for such a long time we were all quite scared of any of us doing anything individually. But then when we started to do it, we said ‘Oh, this is really lovely actually’ because as an individual you’re then getting the opportunity to show the public a bit more about yourself and what you’re actually passionate about.

“We’re always going to want to see each other win, we’re going to champion each other’s success on our own as well as a group and there’s definitely a safety and comfortability there, knowing that we’ll always have each other to come back to.

“We need to do that and I think that’s why it was the fans as well. They won’t ever have to doubt that Little Mix will never have to end.”