Olivia Rodrigo has admitted being famous is “really tough” on her mental health.

The 18-year-old singer is navigating life in the spotlight “one step at a time” and is thankful that there’s people still in her life who know her for who she really is.

Olivia Rodrigo. Picture: Instagram

She told Singapore’s Vogue magazine: “I’m taking it one step at a time. It can be really tough on your mental health, though.

“I’m grateful for the people who like me for me, and keep me separated from all the noise and tabloids or what people are saying about me on social media. That’s always been a top priority.

“It’s funny how recognition changes everything and also changes nothing in your life.

“The problems I was having a year ago are still the problems I’m having now, and things that brought me joy a year ago are still the things that bring me joy now. It’s just another aspect of life that you need to learn how to deal with, but it doesn’t change who you are as a person.”

But the ‘Good 4 U’ singer admitted it was “surprising” to see who was “genuinely supportive of [her]and who wasn’t” after she became a household name.

She added: “Sometimes when you have a lot of success really quickly, it can scare people and make people feel different. That was an interesting thing to learn. I’m figuring it all out.”

Olivia Rodrigo. Picture: Instagram

And Olivia thinks her “unique” upbringing has also helped her cope with fame, as does having parents who keep her grounded.

She said: “My mum is a teacher and my dad is a therapist. In middle school, I was home-schooled and started working on sets, which adds to the unique thing about my upbringing.

“I spent most of it surrounded by 45-year-old men on a set and not with kids my own age in a school. But I’m lucky to have amazing friends and family who have kept me grounded.

“My parents take all this craziness in the best way.

“They always say, ‘We are so proud of you and all these achievements are incredible, but we would be equally proud of you if you were in school in your hometown.’ They’re the best and that’s a really important attitude to have.”