Saweetie admits quarantine made her rethink her career.

The 27-year-old rapper released her debut single ‘ICY GRL’ in 2017 but, after its success, she took the time in lockdown to consider the kind of music she wants to make and to become a different role model.

She said: “After ‘ICY GRL’ hit, I was in such high demand, and it really was like night and day. I had no artist’s development. I realised that I never equated attention with happiness, so all that attention I was getting was overwhelming for me and I didn’t know how to handle it.


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“Which is why – fast forward to last year and this year in quarantine, I had a lot of time to reflect, and that made me want to take back my power of being confident and made me want to rethink my career.”

Saweetie actually recorded ‘ICY GRL’ in her car and was renting rooms online at the time, but its release quickly transformed her lifestyle.

However, the ‘Best Friend’ singer wants her debut album to reflect who she is and where she came from, as ‘ICY GRL’ only gave a glimpse at her style.

She told Teen Vogue: “I went from only wanting to write freestyles to having to create a hit. Now I know how to make the hits.

“I need to let people know that I’m a West Coast girl. I’m tri-racial. I come from a poppin’, big, male-dominated family, which explains my masculine energy at times. People were only seeing ‘icy girl,’ but who was the girl under the blonde wig?”

Saweetie. Picture: Instagram

Earlier this year, Saweetie revealed she is eager to use her profile to help her community.

The rapper – whose mother is Filipina-Chinese and her father is African American – shared: “The more we stand together and the more we continue to just educate those who may not know what we go through, we will continue to make a change.

“And I was actually inspired during quarantine to found my own non-profit organisation called the Ice Baby Foundation. And my grandmother is actually the president.

Saweetie. Picture: Instagram

“So, I think that it’s important for me to use my platform and my voice to help and make a change in my communities …The foundation will focus on financial literacy, education, single mothers, and healthy break-ups and low-income communities.”