Adele has yet again proved that she is the most relatable queen, as she revealed that she resembles Voldemort when her eyebrows aren’t dyed.

In a hilarious video with popular YouTube blogger NikkieTutorials, Adele claimed that she resembles the Harry Potter villain, Voldemort, when her eyebrows aren’t dyed.

In what has been described as the most iconic crossover in history, Adele made a guest appearance on an episode of NikkieTutorials’ (real name Nikkie de Jager), “Power of Makeup” YouTube series.

In the series, she interviews personalities while doing their make-up.

Adele with NikkieTutorials. Picture: Instagram

During the interview, the singer spoke to the makeup guru about her latest album “30,” her drinking habits and her iconic winged liner.

But viewers were left in stitches when de Jager asked Adele if she loves a good brow and she said she looks like Voldemort if she doesn’t dye her eyebrows.

“They go so pale and blonde,” she laughed. “There’s a photograph once I saw of me leaving a Lady Gaga gig in London, I looked crazy, I looked like an elfling or something, my eyebrows were so blown out from not having them dyed.

“My baby was six months old, I didn’t do anything but brush my teeth really. So yeah, I need a brow,” Adele explained.

De Jager then told Adele of a hilariousTikToker who wears a bald cap and does Voldemort impressions.

Adele with NikkieTutorials. Picture: Instagram

To which Adele responded: “That’s definitely me. That’s me without a brow.”

She further explained that she had to learnhow to dye her own eyebrows during lockdown as she could no longer attend her weekly appointments with her beautician.

De Jager, who was visibly starstruck, applied make-up to half of Adele’s face to demonstrate the power of make-up.

After the look was complete, Adele said it was “incredible” and was stunned Nikkie was able to complete it so quickly.

Viewers loved seeing the pair interacting in the video, with many of de Jager’s fans pointing out that doing Adele’s makeup had been a long dream of hers.

“This was so sweet! Really enjoyed seeing two genuine people sharing a laugh over a chat. Really comfy content. Its so nice seeing how down to earth Adele is in real life,” one user commented.

“The serve of the century, the two queens together,” another wrote.

Watch the full video here: