Hailey Baldwin is famous for her hyper-casual and graphic-chic look, and the blonde beauty has revealed her favourite piece is a men’s Balenciaga leather jacket.

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In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine, she said: “I’m obsessed with big, clunky leather jackets. One of my favourites is a men’s Balenciaga piece.” 

“I’ve always thought there was something really fun about a lanky girl in very boyish clothing. I love dresses with sneakers.”

Haley – who is the daughter of Stephen and Kennya Baldwin – has previously revealed that she “really loves clothes” and takes inspiration from the designers and creative directors she works with when modelling. 

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She said: “I’ve gotten to work with so many people and get a feel for other people’s tastes and see their style. I’m so inspired by clothes and fashion.

“I really love clothes, so I pay really close attention to what designers and creative directors do in terms of cuts and fits. I’m big on the way things look and fit on me.

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During her career Hailey has learned how to undertake other roles in the industry, and has previously helped designers to dress other models – she shared that when she styles other girls she “tries to be fair to their body” and attempts to be “really respectful”. 

She said: “When I’m styling the girls, I try to be fair to their body, and what I think is going to look good on them.

“I ask every girl what they’re comfortable with. I don’t want to put a girl in something they’re not comfortable with. I want to be really respectful.”

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