First, it was pineapple on pizza that divided people but now watermelon pizza has taken the number one spot as the most divisive dish.

People were left confused when TikToker Oliver Paterson shared a video of himself making pizza using watermelon as a base in what is probably going to be a trend.

In the video, he breaks down how to make pizza using a slice of grilled watermelon as the ‘crust.’

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

He is not the first to create watermelon pizza as other foodies have been experimenting with the fruit by topping it off with other fruits before cutting it into pizza-like slices and enjoying it.

Paterson’s clip has gone viral over with 2.5 million views but many were not on board with his dish with some calling it a ‘war crime’ and others calling him ‘possessed.’

In the video, Paterson says, “Everyone’s arguing right now about whether watermelon belongs on pizza or not, but I think the question is, does pizza belong on watermelon?”

He then goes on to make the controversial food combo in his kitchen.

First, he cut a circular slice out of the widest part of the watermelon to form the pizza base.

He then grilled it up on a grill pan, cooking for five minutes on each side to caramelize the sugar in the fruit.

Next, he rubbed BBQ sauce on one side, telling viewers it works better with watermelon than tomato sauce.

The sauce was followed by plenty of mozzarella cheese and a helping of sliced chorizo sausage before the whole thing was slid into the oven for a few minutes.

Paterson then pulls out the finished product, with melted cheese dripping off the watermelon and the sausage cooked and curled on top.

“It turned out so tasty in the end,” he says in the clip. “You’ve got to give this a go for yourself.”

@elburritomonsterI can’t actually recommend this enough

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But viewers were not convinced with one asking, “Did we just witness a war crime?”

And another writing, “One of the signs of COVID is loss of taste, please isolate and stay safe.”

Paterson uses his TikTok account to share his unusual recipes including a Biscoff Cheesecake Wellington (made with no beef, at least) Hash Brown Pizza, and a Dessert Bolognese made with spaghetti and a chocolate raspberry sauce.