It’s childish, it’s unhealthy, and we love it!

Hop On with TYI as we show you the best millennial hangout’s to covet!

Picture whatever your happy place might’ve been when you were five.

Now head to Sea Point and boom! There it is.

Crumbs and Cream is an ice cream joint. Except they don’t draw the line at just ice cream, they also added cookies. That’s right folks, ice cream sandwiches for everyone!

Setting so much as a toe inside the shop will result in an immediate wave of the most amazing smell known to man filling your nose and sending you to nirvana.

Once you manage to snap back to reality (oh, there goes gravity), you will see the inside is decorated in such a way that it would have small children flying into a fit of psychotic happiness, and Instagram girls thinking: “OMG, I’m gonna get, like, soooo many likes for pics of this place,” (insert girly screaming and jumping).

The latter is probably why it has an award for “Most Instagrammed store in Cape Town.”

Colourfully painted walls, swing seats and a couch with lots of pillows. All things assured to make you feel like you’re about to spontaneously age back 10-20 years. Despite being a bit on the small side, it’s still quite lofty and has plenty of space.

Crumbs and Cream was established only last year by owners, Israeli sisters Shahar Ben Artzi and Or Lahat. Their specialty and main selling menu item is an ice cream sandwich, which sees a scoop of the finest creamy Italian Gelato squished between two freshly baked cookies, finished off with various spreads and toppings of your choice.

Shahar said she wanted it to “bring people back to their childhood.”

Interior decorating and spontaneous reverse-aging aside, let’s get to the good bits…

The friendly dudes (which is a unisex term, mind you) at the counter will ask you for your order, which consists of: your choice of two cookies; your preferred flavour of ice cream (I advise tasting them beforehand); a topping for your monstrous creation; and a drink to wash it all down.

Bonus: you can switch out your ice cream for a waffle or a brownie. How awesome is that?!

While placing my order, I felt like Doctor Frankenstein about to assemble my delicious monster from parts of other delicious monsters. I decided on a brownie flavoured cookie and an Oreo cookie – both of which were smothered with Nutella before moving on to the rich chocolate ice cream. The sandwich was placed in a packet, and the final touch put in place; mini marshmallows.

My mouth is watering as I write this.


So, how does an ensemble of cookies, ice cream, Nutella and marshmallows taste? Exactly how you think it does, only about 10000 times better.

The moment you bite into it, nirvana rears its head and brutally forces itself into your mind once again. Seriously, everything just melts away and gets replaced with small, but extremely muscular chocolate ballerinas.

I wouldn’t say it danced across my tongue, because it was more like the combination of flavours took my tastebuds out on the most insane date ever that was so absurdly awesome, the tastebuds had no choice but to bring the flavours home and get freaky.

Now, this may cause a sudden blackout, but then again, that’s why you have a second bite to take.

Once all those bites are gone, I you’ll be having the most bittersweet moment of your life. “I want more, but I don’t think I can,” was my first thought.

Well, now that I’ve painted a picture that will likely stick with you for the rest of the day, I must say Crumbs and Cream is a great place for pretty much any occasion.

The swing seats allow for plenty of chances for awkward moments on a first date; the couch and pillows allow for some cuddle time on a 10th date; and, of course, it’s perfect for kids.

Ice cream, cookies, swing seats… What’s not to love about this place? (Other than the impending threat of diabetes).

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