Whether you are on a weight-loss journey or are just looking to add a little twist to your morning brew, this ‘proffee’ recipe is just for you.

The latest trend going viral on social media is a fusion of coffee and flavoured protein powder or shake that has been dubbed a proffee.

According to the Daily Mail, people believe that combining protein with caffeine in your morning brew boosts weight loss and improves workouts.

With almost 300,000 views on TikTok this coffee trend is growing in popularity.


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According to the Your Dream Coffee blog, you can use any coffee of your choice to make this drink but most people use one or two shots of espresso over ice.

You can also use cold brew, French press or pour-over coffee, depending on what you prefer.

A great hack would be to go to your favourite coffee shop and order your desired drink making sure it’s cold with ice over it, then you can just add your protein shake, and drink your proffee.

The creamy drink is perfect for those who want to add a high protein twist to their morning coffee, especially if they tend to skip breakfast.

Many creative online foodies have been making this drink in a variety of ways but here is a simple recipe we curated from Your Dream Coffee.

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Whey protein powder

Water for the protein shake

Coffee of your choice

Ice cubes

Coffee syrup (optional)

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Start by brewing your coffee. I used an AeroPress to brew two shots of espresso for this recipe.

Mix the protein powder and water in a bowl using a whisk. You can also use a shaker to create your protein shake.

If you’d like to make this recipe using a ready-to-drink protein shake, you can skip the steps of making a protein shake.

Add ice cubes to your cup. Use as much many ice cubes as you like. Your coffee drink is best enjoyed very cold.

Pour the protein drink into your ice cube-filled cup.

Now, add the coffee of your choice to the cup.

Stir your protein coffee, so all the flavours get combined.

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Your proffee is now ready to be enjoyed! You can drink this protein coffee before or after your workout.

*Recipe was adapted from the blog Your Dream Coffee.