If you love a good hash brown with your breakfast then this simple recipe shared by a foodie on TikTok will come in handy.

The home cook who goes by the name Mon Mack Foods, shared her recipe on the video-sharing app, and explained you only need a few budget staples to recreate them at home.

‘Crispy, golden hash browns!’ she posted.

‘Such a simple recipe and if you’ve got only a few ingredients on hand, you can easily smash these out in around 20-30 minutes. Just make them, you won’t regret it.’

Hash brown. Picture: Instagram @cookinginflat2

To make the hash browns, Mon Mack said you’ll need two potatoes, an egg white, a pinch of salt and two tablespoons of corn flour.

The recipe takes around 20 minutes and requires a short period of setting time in the freezer, before you put them in a saucepan to fry.

The foodie recommended adding a ‘pinch of salt’ before serving piping hot.

Users that came across the recipe had mixed reactions.

“These look so good,” one person wrote.

Another wrote, “Wow, I will definitely try that.”

While others wrote, “That’s a mash brown not a hash brown,” and another wrote, “This is not a hash brown.”

Hash brown. Picture: Instagram @nicolescookin

Here is the full recipe:


Two par-boiled potatoes

One egg white


Two tablespoons of corn flour

Extra Virgin olive oil

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1. Grate two par-boiled potatoes until you’re left with just the skin.

2. Add them to a bowl with an egg white, some salt and two tablespoons of corn flour.

3. Stir your mixture until it’s fully combined, and then shape them into hash browns, before popping them in the freezer for 20 minutes to set.

4. Heat up some oil in a pan until it’s sizzling.

5. Add your hash browns and flip them after a few minutes when they are golden on both sides.

6. Transfer them to some paper towel to drain off all the extra oil.

7. Serve piping hot with a pinch of salt.

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