With the South African Summer starting on the 21st of December, be sure to try out this fruity ‘Last Summer’ cocktail recipe!


Mixologist, Calvin Chicos has experimented with different flavours and spirits over the years.

A culmination of this experience makes his cocktail recipe submission all the more promising.

P.s Listen to this cool Summer jam as you prepare your yummy cocktail:

Last Summer Cocktail Recipe:


Tanquery Gin, 50ml
4 chunks of mango – muddled
Freshly squeezed lime juice, 25ml
Castor sugar, 1 tbsp
Soda water
Crushed ice


Shake all the ingredients and pour the mixture into a glass filled with ice.

Add soda water.

Add lime/ lemon wedges, for a zesty twist.



Source: Calvin Chicos


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