The internet has not been able to stop talking about Salt Bae since the opening of his Nusr-Et restaurant earlier this month.

The chef whose real name is Nusret Gökçe has been making headlines because of the pricey items on his restaurant menu.

This is after someone on Twitter shared their bill from the London restaurant, which came to £1,812.40 (R36 838), including £9(R183) for a single Coca Cola and £11 (R224) for a Redbull.

Salt Bae. Picture: Instagram

Quickly after that, the restaurant received some critique with a number of people saying the items were overpriced and some even saying they did not think it was worth it.

However, a popular foodie has gone viral for recreating Salt Bae’s famous £1500 (R30 498) gold-plated Tomahawk steak at home for the fraction of the price.

Harrison Webb from London, took to TikTok to recreate the dish which is served at the Nusr-Et Steakhouse.

According to the Daily Mail, the food blogger made the meal using £2 (R40) worth of President butter, 60p of garlic, 70p of coriander, and a £32.92 (R669) cote de boeuf before topping it off with £28 (R569) worth of edible gold.

The total cost of the dish came to a total of £64.44 (R1321) which is a mere fraction of Salt Bae’s price.

The video has received good reviewers however some people were quick to point out that Nusr-Et’s steak is Wagyu – one of the most expensive in the world, adding that he had to add the cost of labour and rent.

@harrisonwebb97 How much the Salt Bae GOLD steak REALLY costs to make! 😳💰#saltbae #Nusr_et ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

It’s not clear if the steak Harrison used was Wagyu, the beef that has come from Japanese cows and is one of the most expensive in the world.

Harrison’s steak was also slightly smaller than Salt Bae’s at 1.4kg, not 2kg – but many have commented it still demonstrates Salt Bae’s ‘tremendous’ overpricing.

One user wrote: “Are Salt Bae’s prices even legal?”

While another wrote, “The extra money is for him to use the most pointless gimmick ever.”

The Turkish butcher-turned-chef Nusret, has racked up more than 38 million followers on Instagram since he went viral on social media in 2017 for his unique way of seasoning meat.

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