For people like 21-year- old Mpho Kheswa, Doppio Zero’s ambitious #67Jobs campaign is about so much more than skills, training and job creation, it’s about something much simpler, and much more human than that.

It’s about second chances, about hope, and ultimately, about gratitude.

And that profound gratitude is having an unexpected snowball effect.

Just a few short months ago, Mpho was unskilled, untrained, and as a result, unemployed. A frustrating reality for so many young people in the entry-level job market.

Doppio Zero, South Africa’s much loved home of gourmet pizzas and Mediterranean food, answered the call to make every day a Mandela Day and created its constructive and practical #67Jobs campaign to help young people just like Mpho.

Mpho’s training at Doppio Zero has taken him from Kitchen Porter to a qualified Barista and a full member of the Doppio Zero team.

Warm, charming, and hardworking, there’s nothing Mpho doesn’t love about his new job the people he works with.

‘I’m doing something with my life now, I’m not out there on the streets, I’ve found a home here with a good team and I get to learn something new each and every day.’ says Mpho.

Like many other successful #67Jobs candidates, new doors have opened in Mpho’s heart and mind.

Happy, deeply grateful, and armed with second chances, Mpho aspires to one day open his own business and create jobs and opportunities in the same way that this campaign has done for him.

Since its launch in July 2016, 42 candidates have completed Doppio Zero’s #67Jobs programme.

With 2017’s Mandela Day on the horizon, it’s time for corporates all over South Africa to see the true value in offering skills development internships. Not just within the hospitality industry, but across all industries.

Doppio Zero and The #67jobs campaign is proud to announce its partnership with TRACE Urban and the TRACE Foundation.

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The campaign will be rolled out across the TRACE online platforms, calling for participation by prospective candidates.

“We are proud to support this initiative, and hope that our brand partnership will drive participation and future employment success” noted Leo Manne, Senior Vice President of TRACE Southern Africa.

If you would like to apply contact Tarryn Nash on

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