Public speaking is a nerve wracking experience but it’s easy to overcome if you’re prepared and brave enough to confront your presentation anxieties.

Here are some public speaking tips from Jenny Handley (Performance Management Specialist):

Tip 1:

Be Consistent. Check that it carries the same thread from the start to the finish. It is fun to start with a story or theme, and then to string your audience along to the end, for a cool punchline.

Tip 2:

Only use visual aids if you are confident about how to use them, and do not let them detract from your presence.

Tip 3:

Practice not until you get it right, but until it feels natural and enjoyable. Test it on someone, and get their opinion.

Tip 4:

Manage interruptions and questions carefully. Have good knowledge of your subject, speak from the heart and finish with a solution.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself and the audience will respond to that. While your audience may not remember all the subject matter, or every statistic, they will remember how you made them feel about you.

Jenny Handley is a brand, high performance and leadership specialist. Visit; follow @Jenny_Handley on Twitter, or Jenny Handley Performance Management on Facebook. 

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