If you haven’t known by now, 2016 is coming to close in the next two weeks but as we bid farewell to what remains of the year, we anticipate what could be on the horizon in 2017.

Here’s a look at tech innovations that could shake up 2017:

Nintendo Switch 

Source: Twitter/@NintendoAmerica

We were given a sneak peak into Nintendo’s upcoming console, which left some raving and well, the rest perplexed. But while Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox (see below) continue to dominate the console market, here come Nintendo like a fish in a deep pool, bamboozling everyone with the Switch.

The aim? To make the Switch the only console to dominate console and handheld gaming, which seems fair as they are trying to bridge both markets and merge them into one. With other major consoles in the pipeline for next year, this, however, could be one of the few pitfalls Nintendo could face come 2017.

Apple’s iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy 8 

Source: Twitter/@HYPEBEAST

2017 looks to be the year of the number 8. Why? Well, Apple and Samsung are planning to launch their next smartphone models, the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy 8. While Samsung are trying to salvage the damage following the Note 7 saga, the iPhone 7 was easy one of the best-selling phones of 2016. It’s going to be a tough decision for consumers to make once both devices are released next year. 

Source: Twitter/@Kumar_Anmol608

Hopefully, no explosions involved.

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio 

Source: Twitter/@XboxSC0RPI0

Earlier we’ve mentioned the Nintendo Switch and its competition it could have next year. Well, here’s its competition, Microsoft’s Project Scorpio.

While whispers continue to make its rounds in tech circles, this is supposed to be the most powerful console on the market to date. By releasing the Xbox One S this year, the One S was meant to be a teaser, a predictor of what Project Scorpio could potentially be in terms of graphics and technology. Already, Microsoft has stated that Project Scorpio won’t have exclusive titles but at the same time, not all One games will work on the console. It will, however, enhance certain titles through dynamic scaling meaning that select titles will run better on Scorpio than the One console.

Tesla Model 3 

Source: Twitter/@EnjeuxEnergies

Consumers are loving the Model S and the Model X, so it’s no coincidence that Tesla unveiled its new model, Model 3. Already with a price tag of $35 000 (around R489 000) which is quite affordable for an electric car, Tesla is seriously considering breaking into the middle-income market to bring great quality electric cars with an affordable price tag to match.

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