Summer is here and some people might be feeling the pressure to look their best in order to have what people call a “beach body”.

There are lots of exercises that you may or may not know about.

Before you start doing all kinds of exercises some of them might not yield any benefits for you.

Depending on your own fitness goal some of the exercises you’re doing may not have a positive effect if any effect on your own body.

This list contains some of the exercises that are most inefficient and why; some of them may shock you and are extremely common.

Photo by John Arano on Unsplash

1. Tricep bench dips

Tricep bench dips focus on building strength in the triceps. In actuality this exercise puts unnecessary stress on the shoulders. It is not a natural position for the arms to be in. Instead just do regular dips.

They are safer and work out the entire arm and not just the triceps. Another alternative to tricep bench dips is the triangle push-up. It targets not only the triceps but also engages muscles in your chest, shoulders, and core.

2. Crunches

Many people think the crunch is the ultimate ab exercise. It’s not. The crunch only works out the top of the abs. So if you are looking for six-pack abs and want to get rid of those love handles, this exercise is not going to cut it.

In addition, it causes back and neck problems and that’s the last thing anyone wants. Try the plank as an alternative. The plank decreases the risk of lower back pain as you get older, as an extra bonus to rock hard abs.

Photo by Fortune Vieyra on Unsplash

3. The leg press

The leg press is just simply unrealistic. When are you ever in this particular position in your daily activities? Throwing hundreds of pounds on top of your legs can have a real negative effect on your knees.

The leg press only works on the hamstring and quads. Clockwork Lunges work out all the muscles in your leg and you don’t need weight or a machine to do them.

4. Round back deadlift

Round back deadlift just sounds like an exercise that should not be done. People who do this exercise are looking for a tighter butt. They end up with lower back injuries.

The weight pulling on your arms also can cause severe shoulder injuries. Squats can help with the gluteal muscles without the weights. Just make sure you don’t go to low during squats, as to avoid other joint problems.

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels

5. Tricep kickbacks

Tricep kickbacks look simple, but the fact is their useless. This workout is an attempt to get rid of the flab on the back of the arm. The position that the body is in, puts pressure on the back and restricts movement.

Your triceps won’t get the work out needed to develop. Try bench pressing on a decline bench and push-ups to work out our triceps.