There have been so many conversations around celebrities and their bath routines lately.

From Mila Kunis admitting that she and Ashton Kutcher do not bathe their children daily to other celebrities coming out to say they do bath every day, personal hygiene has been a huge topic lately.

The debate over how frequently people should bathe has been ongoing especially on social media.

Now, a doctor has come out to say not everybody needs to shower daily, claiming that in fact, doing so can carry risks for some people.

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Dr Mikhail Varshavski, a New Jersey-based primary care physician with over 900,000 followers on TikTok recently shared a video explaining the possible side effects of showering every day.

In the video, Varshavski said: “Not everyone needs to shower daily…this is medically accurate. In fact, here are five things that can go wrong if you do over shower.”

He then goes on to list the five things:

1. Dry skin

First up, he said, is dry skin.

“That can create cracks in your skin allowing bacteria and allergens to get beneath your skin layer,” he said.

2. Dandruff

The second reason he gave was dandruff which he said can arise due to a dry scalp.

This point was echoed by GQ which claimed that over-shampooing hair can cause a host of issues – including dandruff.

It said: ‘So what causes dandruff? The truth is that you do. Those flaky, embarrassing white flecks are caused by your grooming habits.’

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The outlet went on to list over-shampooing as a potential reason for the flakes.

3. Damaged hair

According to the doctor, dandruff is not the only hair-related risk of over-showering. “The third [risk] is damaging your hair. Especially if you’re shampooing it so often,” he said.

4. Killing good bacteria

The fourth reason Dr Mike gave as a reason to avoid over-showering is that you are ‘killing off the micro-organisms on your skin that are actually there to protect you’.

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“It’s like a form of probiotics, and when you’re using the anti-bacterial soap, you’re killing them all for no reason,” said Varshavski.

5. Wasting water

The fifth reason is one that the doctor described as crucial saying, “The most obvious one – and probably the most important – we’re wasting a ton of water by over-showering,” he said.

The doctor’s points have been echoed by research and other doctors. According to Harvard Health, over-cleaning your body is probably not a compelling health issue but you could be making your skin drier than it would be with less frequent showering.

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“This is not a public health menace. However, daily showers do not improve your health, could cause skin problems or other health issues — and, importantly, they waste a lot of water,” according to the website.

According to Healthline, dermatologists recommend showering every other day.

“It may sound counterproductive, but a shower every day could be bad for your skin. Some dermatologists only recommend a shower every other day, or two to three times a week,” according to the website.