According to a new TikTok trend, drinking lettuce water can help you fall asleep.

TikTok creators have been using lettuce for more than just salads and burgers as some believe drinking lettuce water can help with insomnia.

One of the first creators to put this trend to the test was Shalpa Hoque, who documented the whole process for her followers.

Photo by PHÚC LONG on Unsplash

“So apparently drinking lettuce water makes you sleepy, sis don’t sleep so imma try it out,” she wrote in the clip.

Shalpa then stuffed a few washed lettuce leaves into her mug before pouring in some boiling hot water.

She mixed her lettuce water with peppermint tea because she was scared the taste would be unbearable otherwise.

After leaving it to soak in the water for 10 minutes, she then scoops the lettuce out and takes a sip, explaining that it tastes like nothing.

Later she shares an update on how she is feeling after the drink saying, “Update, I do feel slightly drowsy, not hella sleepy like knockout, but I do feel sleepy.”

Fast forward to some time later and she appears to be a little more affected by the drink.

“Another update, lettuce has crack because your sis is gone,” she said in bed with her eyes closed.

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The hack quickly went viral with more than 28 million people viewing the hashtag #lettucewater on TikTok.

Another creator, Lizzy Wong, tried some lettuce water during the day claiming there was no way the drink would make her sleepy in broad daylight.

However, an hour later she shares an update saying she couldn’t fully open her eyes.

A day after that she shared another update saying she had slept for 12 hours but still felt tired.

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The dietician from the account Nutrition by Kylie also took part in the trend and shared her opinion on whether or not the water really works.

After taking a sip of her drink she explained that even though lettuce contains lactucarium, which is known for its sedative effects, the amounts one would get from lettuce water would not make you sleepy.

She added that even though there is a study that proved the effects of lettuce water in mice, she thought it was questionable.

“So instead of drinking this [lettuce water] you’ll probably be better off optimizing your sleep hygiene, taking 30 minutes to wind down before bedtime and getting off of TikTok when you’re supposed to be asleep,” she said in her video.

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Science broadcaster Dr Karl Kruszelnicki took to his TikTok to slam the new trend saying he had read the available studies on lettuce water and found that there was no proof that it could make humans sleepy.

“Basically, no evidence that lettuce tea helps humans sleep,” he said in a clip.

@drkarlDoes lettuce tea really help you sleep? Another Dr Karl myth busting video for you 🥬 ##lettucewater ##drkarl ##science♬ original sound – Dr Karl

So it seems that even though lettuce water works for some people, it would be best to take Kylie’s advice and just reduce screen-time before bed and staying off TikTok.