With parts of the world still fighting the Covid pandemic, people are still spending more time indoors to prevent spreading the virus.

It has also been reported that many people will continue working from home, as more companies embrace the change.

But as fun and convenient as working from home might be, it might be a little uncomfortable if you are working out of a small apartment.

Spending too much time in a small space can definitely get to you and stress you out.

Photo by Eduard Militaru on Unsplash

So if you are looking for simple ways to make your humble abode look more spacious, here are some tips:

Floor mirrors

Large full-length mirrors have come back into style, and for a good reason.

They may be great for seeing a full view of your outfit, but they are also an amazing way to open up a small space, making it appear twice the size.

This is of course because of the reflection and illusion of depth. Ideal for rented apartments as you can prop large mirrors up in your living room, bedroom and even bathroom areas to add an imaginary few square metres to your space.

Floor mirror. Picture: Instagram

Floating shelves

The right shelving can make or break a space. Walled shelves free up floor space and can make a space look more spacious and tidy.

Lifting a space can make a huge difference when the space is only small. Storage taking up precious floor space is not ideal and means you have items to walk around.

Instead, wall shelving draws the eye upwards and makes the room look larger than it is. If you are worried about putting up a shelf in your rented apartment, then you can also look at tall floor shelving as an alternative. Top tip: The higher the eye the larger the room appears.

Floating shelves. Picture: Instagram

Avoid large furniture

Many people make the mistake of buying too much furniture for smaller spaces – many also buy furniture that is a little too large.

Furniture such as large tables, bulky sofas may make someone feel like they can fit loads of furniture into their space but it actually makes spaces look a lot smaller. Clean lines and less cushions work to make your space feel bigger.

You may even want to think about getting a sofa with storage underneath. These are a great way to store items like books, games and that picture you have to put up when the family comes over but do not want it on display at any other time…

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

Tall plants

Again, it’s all about bringing the eye upwards. So – though some people may think that bigger plants will look like they take up more room – tall plants are great for smaller spaces because they lift everything up.

Great apartment plants to invest in include parlor palm, bird of paradise, yucca tree, or the ZZ plant – a plant revealed as one of the best indoor plants for apartments by the Essential Living interior experts.

ZZ plant. Picture: Instagram

Tips sourced from Essential Living.