TikTok’s dry scooping trend is proof that not all trends are meant to be tried out.

Health professionals have expressed their concern over the latest TikTok trend that sees people ingesting a scoop of pre-workout or protein powder without diluting it with a liquid as intended.

Most pre-workout powders are made up of a blend of amino acids, B vitamins, caffeine, creatine, artificial sweeteners, and other ingredients.

Most of them instruct users to mix the powder with water and claim to help enhance performance and focus while working out.

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Some fitness enthusiasts believe in this and will take pre-workout powders to fight fatigue during their workout sessions. The supplements aren’t always in powder form, they can also be taken as pills, shakes, or meals but dry scoopers mostly take it in powder form.

According to Tara Collingwood a certified personal trainer based in Florida, dry scoopers believe that by forgoing mixing the powder with water, it can help the body absorb the energizing ingredients more quickly.

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“But, there is no benefit from taking powder without fluid,” she warns. “And you’re actually putting your health at risk by trying the trend,” she told Everyday Health.

Emergency medicine physician and toxicologist Dr Kelly Johnson-Arbor told Self that dry scooping was similar to another dangerous trend on TikTok that saw people taking a spoon of cinnamon powder with no water. She anticipates that many people will be having health scares if they try dry scooping.

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“I think people should be really careful with this,” Johnson-Arbor told the publication.

A few TikTok creators have shared their experience with dry scooping with one claiming that she ended up having a heart attack.

Another user can be seen taking a scoop of powder on-camera only for her to start having difficulties breathing.

Pre-workout powders are not regulated by international food and drug administrators which means some banned substances like stimulants, steroids and other toxic ingredients can be mixed into the ingredients. This can lead to dangerous health complications including heart attacks, liver diseases and substance abuse.

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Dr Jason Nagata, an assistant professor of paediatrics at the University of California told Vice that young people do not even need to take pre-workout powders because of the unknowns surrounding the supplements.

The doctor warned that people who use them are more likely to use performance-enhancing drugs like steroids or develop eating disorders.

There is also no way of knowing for sure how your body will react to dry scooping or regular use of pre-workout supplements.

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“Not everyone will react the same to pre-workout products when they’re properly mixed with fluids, so imagine taking concentrated forms of the supplement,” spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Yasi Ansari told Self.

“How do you know if the concentrated blend of ingredients you’re consuming at once isn’t going to negatively affect you?” Ansari added.