JOHANNESBURG – Periods, those unannounced visitors. They’re here for a few days every month and as much as we don’t want them visiting, they just turn your life upside down once they have arrived.

Be damned evil periods!

If we are completely honest here, you kinda do love your period (admit it), I mean, sure you get crazy headaches, cravings, abdominal pains, loss of appetite, feeling bloated and whew, the list goes on forever…but there are upsides to going on your period and we have seven of them right here:

1. The fact that you can eat as much junk as you want without an inch of guilt in sight (however, don’t complain when you break out).

2. #BoobsOnFleek! Your boobs are perkier and prettier.

3. You’re not preggies! Yay, what a relief, amiright?!

4. Your period is a sign that your body is functioning normally.

5. You can get away with being bitchy and just blame it on your period.

6. You can get away with being lazy AF and (yes, you guessed it) blame it on your period!

7. Skip the gym because well, who needs to plank when your abdomen is already throbbing like crazy?

You get a better understanding of your body. So there you go girls, yes! Essentially periods are those things that we can’t help but hate, however, like most things in life, they come with a silver lining.

Relax and enjoy the benefits of your period!

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