You should be doing your homework.

But, let’s face it, homework is boring and why would you do it at home when you can do it 5 minutes before the class begins?

We’ve all been in a situation where we have the house to ourselves and have no idea what to do with all this freedom.


Well, here are a few suggestions:

1. Have a movie/series marathon in your undies.

A marathon is always fun. They’re twice as fun if you’re not wearing anything.

2. Learn how to bake.

I’m talking about weed, although you are welcome to throw some into your cake or brownies.

Get baked in more ways than one.

3. Put your music on full blast.

I don’t always listen to music without headphones. But when I do, so do my neighbours.

4. Try out a new hairdo.

Ever wanted to look like Goku? Here’s your chance.

5. Watch Game Theory/Film Theory videos on YouTube.

If you enjoy looking deep into the lore and science behind movies and games, this is for you.

6. Build a dynamite castle in Minecraft, then blow it up.

I think explosions are pretty.

7. Cosplay as your favourite fictional character.

Cosplay is fun. Just make sure you go back to being you when the folks come home.

8. Mix all sorts of alcohol that shouldn’t be mixed.

Few things are more fun than getting smashed by yourself.

9. Write a poem or song.

Test your poetry skills by writing whatever comes to your mind. You might surprise yourself.

10. Practice lockpicking.

Lockpicking increased to 16. Lockpicking increased to 17. Lockpicking increased to 18.

Skyrim players get it.

11. Draw a tattoo on yourself.

Despite what your mom told you, you’ll need a LOT of ink in your blood to get lead poisoning.

12. Start a vlog.

If those famous YouTubers can do it, so can you.

13. Make a full course meal out of whatever you find in the kitchen.

This works best at the end of the month, otherwise, you’ll just be grilling ice cubes with olive oil.

14. Learn to play an instrument.

For introverts, I suggest the bass. No one pays attention to the bass player.

15. Buy a bunch of energy drinks, mix them all and chug.

Cons: you won’t get any sleep for the next 24-36 hours, and you may or may not get a heart attack.

Pros: you’ll be able to move at lightspeed and gain the ability to see the fabric of space.

16. Reenact Tom Cruise’s home alone scene from Risky Business.


Yes, that one.

17. Converse with yourself.

No one knows you better than you. You’re all the company you need.

Shut up, Gollum!

18. Make an obstacle course out of the furniture.

“Gladiators ready? Begin!”

I always say that before I start traversing the course.

19. Invent a fictional universe.

My bro and I were so bored at school, we invented several. Most of which we’d forgotten about, but it’s still fun.

20. Contemplate the meaning of life.

After all, what is life but the unstoppable marching of time that is slowly but surely leading us to our inevitable doom?

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