Fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld once said, “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants,” but 2020 basically said no to that statement as people all over the world are wearing more loungewear. 

Celebrities and fashion trendsetters have put chic and class back into comfortable loungewear items. Neutral monochrome pieces, modern kimono robes, matching tracksuits, athleisure-wear, cardigans, and jeggings have been the perfect bridge between a Zoom meeting with colleagues and lazing around at home, making this trend purposely practical for the new work-from-home life. 

For years, fashion designers have preached style over comfort but have rarely considered that you can look good and be comfortable at the same. One of the most defining aspects of work is the dress style, people have started realising that comfortable clothing builds confidence and increases productivity. 

Picture: Pexels

“The pandemic might have disrupted the only way of living that we knew about, however, people are now getting into the new swing of things. With more than 60 days on lockdown, people have created new routines that give them the energy to be productive and leave them inspired, and that includes getting dressed, which serves as a form of purpose in their lives”, said Monica Ebert from wool athleisure brand, Core Merino.  

“Lounging in style” is how celebrity and businesswoman Kim Kardashian described the new trend. This trend is timeless and comes with the environmentally friendly fashion standard that encourages people to invest in high-quality, low-impact pieces. 


“Clothing directly affects our moods and attitudes, that is why it is important to invest in long-lasting and high-quality clothes. There’s a healthy amount we pay for these kinds of garments, however, versatility and comfort are the rewards you’ll reap. With fabrics such as merino wool, that help you regulate body temperature and keep you dry as the fibre naturally absorbs and releases moisture, it’s guaranteed value for money”, added Ebert.

Here are some of our favourite must-have loungewear items: 

1. Matching Pieces 

Matching your sweater to your sweat pants is a trend that elevates your outfit, making it look more deliberate. 

Bonang Matheba. Picture: Instagram

2. Flare sweatpants

Just when you thought nothing could be more comfy than your regular skinny sweatpants, flare sweatpants made a grand return. Youtuber Snikiwe Mhlongo rocks hers while on lockdown. 

3. Oversized sweaters 

Do we even need to explain? These are a must-have especially in winter. A tip we learned is that shopping for these in the mens section works wonders, or you could just ‘borrow’ one from your boyfriend.

Picture: Instagram @cottononsa

4. Nude sets 

Nude is just that colour that makes everything better, everything. 

5. The perfect pair of black sweatpants 

Do you even have loungewear if you do not have black or grey sweatpants? The answer is no. 

Kim Kardashian. Picture: Instagram